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Nattu maruthuvam for hair growth in Tamil treatment

This is nattu maruthuvam for hair growth in Tamil treatment. Everyone wishes to have long and beautiful hair but hair fall and hair thi...

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tamil maruthuvam for weight gain

This is tamil maruthuvam for weight gain. Body weight mainly depends on their food habits or heredity or body metabolism. Here are some Tamil tips for weight gain which will help you gain weight very fast. Taking high calorie food items is the first step in increasing your body weight. Some of the recommended foods to gain weight are milk food such as butter, thick milk, thick curd, ghee, potato, friend food items, bread, fried chicken, fried fish etc.  The very important change you should do in your food habit is taking food often as per your interest. Have your favorite food often.

Tamil medicine for weight gain suggests you to take healthy food to increase body weight.  Biscuits made with whole grain are very good. Eating south Indian meals (rice with sambar, rice with rasam and rice with thick curd) regularly can increase your weight.

Health tips in Tamil weight gain: Milk foods are always suggested by doctors for healthy weight gain. Milk products are rich in protein and calcium which will help in the growth of bones and muscles.

Body weight gain tips in Tamil: regularly do some moderate exercises; some times I have seen that commercially available health drinks can also increase your weight.  

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