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Nattu maruthuvam for hair growth in Tamil treatment

This is nattu maruthuvam for hair growth in Tamil treatment. Everyone wishes to have long and beautiful hair but hair fall and hair thi...

Monday, December 14, 2015

Nattu maruthuvam for sugar patients Tamil treatment

This is nattu maruthuvam for sugar patients Tamil treatment. The natural and herbal remedy for diabetes is an effective method. High glucose levels is a common disease in recent days. It is the physical disorder sugar level and glucose level in blood goes high. The cause behind the condition is low insulin production of the body or the body cells stop responding to the insulin produced in the body. The elevated blood sugar can cause kidney and eye related problems too.

Paarambariya maruthuvam for sugar is still followed for getting beter results without any side effects. The disease can be hereditary or it can occur due to other reasons like insulin deficiency or high blood pressure or cholesterol. There are some herbs to lower blood sugar naturally, here is the details regarding that.

Normal range for blood sugar : Less than 100 mg/dL in fasting and 130 mg/dL after (2 hours) breakfast.

Mango leaves play a very important role in treatment of diabetes. Sugar patient can boil mango leaves in water and leave it for overnight. Morning filter the water and consume it on empty stomach. Fresh mango leaves are very beneficial for boosting insulin level in the body effectively.

Tulsi leaves are loaded with antioxidant properties. The consumption of tulsi leaves can reduce the blood sugar level remarkably. Consume juice extracts of tulsi leaves and consume it twice a day on empty stomach.

High blood sugar treatment using Jambu is another cost less method. Indian blackberries are widely used for the treatment of diabetes. The leaves, the fruits and the seeds of the plant are used for controlling blood glucose level efficiently. The powder of the dry seeds of jambul is easily available in the market. Mix the powder in the water and consume it twice a day for good results.

Green tea is beneficial for many health related problems. The Polyphenol present in green tea can reduce the blood sugar level in the body and supports the insulin production effectively. Drink green tea on empty stomach, this will help to decline your diabetes blood sugar in normal range.

Amla or Indian Gooseberry are loaded with vitamin C. The juice of the amla fruit should be mixed with water and consumed twice a day to keep you blood glucose level in control. It is very important to use blood glucose monitor to avoid hypoglycemic condition.

Fresh fruits like apples, berries and apricots and fresh vegetables like carrots, beet roots and bitter guards are very good for controlling the blood glucose level effectively.

How to lower sugar levels using fibre diet: Leaves of drumstick tree are rich in fiber. They are considered as natural energy boosters. The consumption of leaves can reduce the risk of blood pressure and diabetes naturally.

Fiber present in fenugreek seeds is beneficial in treatment of diabetes. Soak the seeds in water and keep it overnight. Morning drink the water and chew the seeds on empty stomach. Seeds can easily increase the insulin production in the body.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Tamil maruthuvam for weight loss Treatment

This is tamil maruthuvam for weight loss. Ayurvedic medicines are used in India from ancient periods. The remarkable effects of the medicines have made the Ayurvedic therapy famous all over the world. The ayurvedic medicines are without any side effects and the effects are long lasting.

Here are some most effective medicinal herbs that will help you to lose weight effectively:

Kudampuli weight loss in tamil
It is one of the most popular medicines recommended for weight loss. The herb is loaded with hydroxycitric acid that helps to prevent fat storage in the body. It also helps to burn fat effectively when consumed regularly. It slows the process of fat accretion in the body by slowing down the activities of the related genes.

Guggul medicinal plant uses in weight loss
Cammiphora mukul Resin is another powerful herb to reduce weight effectively. It not only burns the pre stored fats in the body but also prevents the converting the carbohydrate in the food into fats. The consumption of guggul is the very effective bad cholesterol and triglycerides treatment. from the body. It supports the production of good cholesterol in the blood too.

Ginger weight loss
It is the most commonly used herb for weight loss. The ginger is rich in phytochemicals that regularize the metabolism of the body and removes bad cholesterol from it. It can also manage the oxidation of fatty acids. The regular consumption of ginger can also prevent fat storage in body and burns accumulated fats effectively. Thus you can see the weight loss effect within few months only.

Ponkoranti or Salacia Reticulata medicinal uses
Ayurvedic practitioners suggest this amazing herb for weight loss program. The herb weakens the growth and development of adipose cells that can cause weight gain. It also prevents the storage of fats in body. The herbal plant is very effective for the patients of diabetes, where they need to shed lot of weight for regular insulin production.

Kalonji or karunjeeragam oil uses in tamil weight loss treatment
karunjeeragam health benefits are more, One of the very effective karunjeeragam medicinal uses is weight loss treatment. The extracts of these seeds have anti obesity effects. The regular usage of the extracts can reduce the fats stored on waist and hips successfully.

Korai kizhangu uses in tamil ayurvedic weight loss
Cyperus Rotundus is the scientific name of korai kilangu. The roots of this plant are used for weight loss treatment. It supports the fat burning by provoking thermogenesis.

Athimadhuram or Licorice herbal weight reduction
The tummy fats can be effectively reduced by the consumption of licorice. It can also reduce bad cholesterol from the blood effectively.
Along with all these remedies, it is necessary to follow regular exercise. Drink lots of water and fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Avoid the sleeping habit during the day time. Stay away from canned food and junk food. Along with exercise follow meditation for mental peace.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tamil maruthuvam for psoriasis treatment

This is Tamil maruthuvam for psoriasis treatment. Lots of medicines are available in the market for psoriasis medication. But before trying them you can take advantage of some herbal remedies that comes generally without any side effects. Paarambariya maruthuvam for psoriasis is one of the naturopathy methods. Here is the list of some herbal or natural remedies to cure psoriasis.

Mooligai maruthuvam for psoriasis using Aloe Vera:
Apply fresh aloe Vera juice or gel on the affected skin three to four times a day. The application of aloe Vera gel can reduce the reddishness and itching sensation remarkably. Aloe Vera creams are also available in the market easily.

Tamil medicine for psoriasis using Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar has natural ingredients which can reduce the infection easily. It can reduce the itchiness caused by psoriasis. Apply apple cider vinegar on the affected area several times. You can also mix apple cider vinegar with water and use it. The burning sensation can be reduced easily with this remedy. But avoid using this remedy if the affected skin is damaged or bleeding.

Capsaicin benefits:
Capsaicin is found in chilies. This ingredient is added into creams and ointments also, that are used to reduce pain and inflammation.  The use of capsaicin can reduce the reddishness and other troubles caused by psoriasis. In some cases burning sensation may cause because of the use of capsaicin cream on psoriasis.

Dead Sea salt uses:
Dead Sea salt or Epsom salt is beneficial for the treatment of psoriasis. Add salt to your warm bathing water and rest in bath tub for 10 to 15 minutes. This can reduce the itching and wash out the scales caused by psoriasis. Apply moisturizer after coming out from bath to avoid roughness.

Oats medicine:
Oats are very beneficial in psoriasis therapy. Apply oat paste on the affecting area to sooth the irritation psoriasis. You can even add oats in your bath water to get desired effects.

Siddha medicine for psoriasis in Tamil treatment using tea tree oil:
The antiseptic properties of tea tree oil can be helpful to treat psoriasis. So if you are not allergic to the tea tree oil then you can use oil or shampoos made with it for healing psoriasis.

Home remedies for psoriasis in Tamil therapy using Turmeric:
Anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic properties of turmeric are useful for many types of skin problems. You can use pure turmeric paste on the affected area and you should also add the turmeric in your regular diet for internal benefits.
Oregon grape:

Mahonia or Oregon grapes are natural immunity builders. The cream that contains mahonia can be used to cure the attack of psoriasis.