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Nattu maruthuvam for hair growth in Tamil treatment

This is nattu maruthuvam for hair growth in Tamil treatment. Everyone wishes to have long and beautiful hair but hair fall and hair thi...

Friday, November 20, 2015

How to eat kollu for weight loss in Tamil maruthuvam

Thiis how to eat kollu for weight loss in Tamil maruthuvam. When we think about the home remedies for reducing weight, horse gram is one of the most effective remedies for the same. Kollu for weight loss in tamil medicine is very popular. The regular consumption not only fights against the fatty tissues but also prevents the fats saturation in our body. It helps the body to use the pre-stored fats as energy. It burns the stored fats in the body and reduces our weight quickly and remarkably.

Eat Kollu to reduce weight

The regular consumption kollu podi for weight loss increases heat in the body which can directly work against the fats. In this way the process of weight reduction starts quickly. The increase of heat sometimes can be harmful, that is the reason horse gram is consumed along with cumin seeds or along with butter milk to balance the heat production in the body.

Horse gram recipes weight loss: There are several ways to consume horse gram daily. The daily consumption can show desired effects from first month only. Dry roast horst gram thoroughly and make fine powder in grinder. While roasting mix cumin seeds along with it. Mix this powder in buttermilk and drink twice a day to reduce weight. You can also add this powder in your regular soups for benefits.

Kollu soup for weight loss: You can also soak horse gram seeds in water for overnight and morning consume it for breakfast by adding finely chopped onion and salt in it. This healthy breakfast can help you to reduce weight easily. You can drink the cooked water by adding salt and pepper.

How to prepare kollu for weight loss: The sprouted horse grams are also considered very effective for the process of weight reduction. Soak horse gram seeds in water and morning after removing water tie them in cotton cloth, within 24 hours horse gram seeds will get sprouts. These sprouts are loaded with vitamins and micro nutrients that are useful for body.

Kollu rasam for weight loss: For the extra taste and benefits you can make several dishes from horse grams seeds. Rasam made with horse gram seeds along with tomatoes, chilies, coconut and garlic is famous in south India. In winter season the rasam is consumed to get body warmth. It can also be helpful in weight control.

Kollu paruppu for weight loss: You can also make horse gram paruppu by adding tomatoes, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, garlic, black pepper and fried onion along with soaked and cooked horse gram seeds. So there are many options to include horse gram in your daily diet and take advantage of its beneficial properties.

 Kollu benefits for weight loss, cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes

The consumption of horse gram can be beneficial for the blood pressure patients as it regulates the blood pressure. It is beneficial for the heart patients as it fights against bad cholesterol and supports the production of good cholesterol in the body. The horse gram seeds are suggested for the diabetes patients as it can effectively reduce the blood glucose level in the body. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Vallarai maruthuvam Keerai medicinal benefits

 This is Vallarai maruthuvam Keerai medicinal benefits. Vallarai or Brahmi is traditional Indian medicine especially used in herbal Ayurvedic medicinal therapy in the form of vallarai churnam, capsules. This medicinal plant is beneficial in functioning of internal organs like liver, lungs and kidney. It is also helpful to normalize blood circulation effectively. The other medicinal uses like various skin problems like Eczema and ulcers can be cured with the help of this magical plant.

Vallarai keerai for babies: Vallarai soup or rasam is given for babies to improve the digestion and it promotes sleep in children.

Vallarai hair oil: For the common problems of hair fall and hair breakage can be solved with brahmi plant extracts. It supports the healthy hair growth.

 Vallarai for insomnia:  Along with all these benefits Brahmi is famous as natural brain tonic. The Nitric Acid present in Brahmi plant is can effectively boost the brain activity and increases the level of concentration. The children who are not able to focus on their activities are treated with Brahmi plant extracts or Vallarai lehyam,  For mental sharpness, concentration and clarity the Brahmi is the best medicine. This is the best medicine for insomnia.

Vallarai for memory : Aurvedic medicinal therapy considers Brahmi as a natural memory enhancer. For the students who are not able to memorize their study syllabus, this plant works magically. It has been proved that the consumption of brahmi plant extracts regularly can boost the memory power effectively.

 Vallarai podi or powder:  Along with the brain and memory functioning, brahmi also helps to preserve DNA divisions in the body.

vallarai for anxiety and stress : The patients who are suffering from anxiety or fretfulness are given the treatment with brahmi extracts. The plant not only reduces the level of anxiety but also helps to keep the mind in control. It is considered as the best tonic or syrup for reduction of stress and tension. Insomnia and depression can also be cured with the help of vallarai plant extracts. This is the reason why brahmi plant is used as a major ingredient in the treatment of patients of Alzheimer’s disease. The patients treated with brahmi plant extracts have shown remarkable improvement after treatment. It is proved that the regular consumption of brahmi can prevent the reduction of brain neurons.

The psychological disorder named hyper activity can be controlled with the help of vallarai plant extracts. Also the problems like epilepsy can be treated with vallarai plant.

The vallarai plant extracts are very beneficial on joint pain and inflammation. The regular consumption for few months can show positive results.

For some kind of male female reproductive problems, brahmi plant extracts are used in the treatment process.

 Those who are suffering from Asthma or other kind of respiratory problems can take tea made with brahmi for better results. This tea is equally beneficial in common cold and coughs.

Digestion related problems like diarrhea, indigestion or gastric can be cured with the help of brahmi plant.


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tamil maruthuvam for Thyroid therapy

This is Tamil maruthuvam for thyroid therapy. A thyroid disease is the result of imbalance of thyroid levels in the body. This problem brings many other problems along with it. There are two types of thyroid, they are hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Thyroid Medication is generally prescribed for this problem after Thyroid Tests like thyroid function test and TSH test.  
In case of hypothyroidism the metabolism doesn’t work properly and the weight gain is marked but in hyperthyroidism due to faster metabolic rate the rapid weight loss is marked.  Family history of thyroid disease can lead to Thyroid Cancer. Thyroid medication levothyroxine is prescribed for this problem but this thyroid hormone medication can cause hair loss and other side effects.

Hypothyroidism symptoms in women are irreversible weight gain, hair loss, stress, shivering, dry skin etc. Symptoms of low thyroid cause serious health effects if you avoid taking thyroid medication daily.
Taking two or three types spinach levees juice is the very effective Thyroid diet in tamil medicine.
Paarambariya maruthuvam for thyroid suggest the elantha pazham fruit, leaves and root ( Jujube) in thyroid treatment.

 Here are some easy grandma-medicines thyroid drugs   to cure the problem without any side effect. Vitamin A:
Boost the intake of Vitamin A in your daily diet. It is considered as one of the best remedies to cure the problem. You can easily obtain the vitamin A from regular food items like yellow vegetables or dark green vegetables.  Carrots and eggs also provide a very good amount of vitamin A.
Mooligai maruthuvam for thyroid using Lyceum Berry:
Consumption of lyceum berries can treat your thyroid problem easily. The berries can cure the imbalance of the body operations and cure the problem. It is the most trusted remedy for thyroid problem 

Fruits and vegetables:
Eat lots of fruits and fresh vegetables in your daily diet. The fruits and vegetables provide you a very good amount of starch, proteins and other nutrients which are necessary to cure the thyroid problem. Be active:The thyroid patients are always advised to lead an active life style. Regular exercise can provide a sufficient amount of oxygen to the body and helps to balance the function of thyroid. 

Iodine is must!Iodine is the most important option in the treatment of thyroid. The food rich in iodine like onion, pineapples, whole rice, oats, tomatoes, garlic and cabbage should be included in your diet regularly. Black walnuts:Black walnuts are loaded with iodine and other minerals like manganese. It can regularize the functioning of thyroid gland effectively. The regular consumption of black walnuts can treat the thyroid problems successfully. 

Drink lots of water and fruit juices:To remove harmful body toxins from your body and cleanse your body, it is necessary to drink lots of water during the day. It is equally important for the thyroid patient to take proper rest and sufficient sleep to get rid of the problem completely. 

Stay away from stress:It is very necessary for the thyroid patients to stay away from stress and tension. Extreme stress and frustration can lead to more suffering in the thyroid problem. Along with these easy home remedies it is necessary to take the advice of your physician for proper medication. Daily exercise, ample water and sufficient sleep can be helpful for you to fight against the condition.