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Nattu maruthuvam for hair growth in Tamil treatment

This is nattu maruthuvam for hair growth in Tamil treatment. Everyone wishes to have long and beautiful hair but hair fall and hair thi...

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mudakathan Keerai medicinal uses Tamil maruthuvam treatment

This is Mudakathan Keerai medicinal uses Tamil maruthuvam treatment. Mudakathan Keerai is also known as the herbal spinach or balloon plant in common terms. This plant is considered to be loaded with medicinal properties. Mainly the plant extracts are used in the treatment of joint pain and inflammation. Mudakathan Keerai is a creeper and the fruits of the plant are like a balloon in shape. Many of us know this plant as kanphata also. The leaves of the plant are used in various recipes for its taste and health benefits. The leaves can be consumed or can be used externally also for the treatment of joint pain.

Not only joint pain and inflammation, but the plant is also beneficial for treating cold and cough. The medical practitioners use the mudakathan keerai plant extracts for the treatment of ear pain, tiredness, menstrual problems etc. The taste of this herb is good when it is prepared as a poriyal. The availability is throughout the year in Indian vegetable markets. 

Mudakathan keerai advantages 

To reduce the ear pain the juice or the extracts of the leaves are used as ear drops. Take mudakathan keerai regularly to reduce cold infections.

The leaves extracts or the crushed leaves of the mudakathan keerai plant are used for many types of skin infections. Skin disease like Eczema can be cured completely with the help of this plant.

 Mudakathan keerai health benefits: The plant is mainly used to treat arthritis and joint pain. The consumption of the leaves is supposed to be beneficial to overcome the problem. The leaves of the plant are used in dosa batter or in chapatti dough while consuming it. For the external use the poultice made with the leaves is used on the hurting area. The poultice is made frying the leaves in castor oil and tying them in a soft cloth.  This remedy gives instant relief from the painful condition. The leaves of the plant are also used to make tasty and healthy chutney.

The leaves of mudakathan keerai plant are useful for treatment of cold and cough. It also helps to cure fever and related problems. The soup made with mudakathan keerai along with peppercorns, cumin seeds and garlic is very beneficial for sore throat and cold. This soup is rich in nutritious values also.

mudakathan keerai for dandruff: Along with the other skin problems, the plant extracts can treat the problem of dandruff also.
How to apply Mudakathan keerai for hair dandruff: Boil the leaves of the plant in clean water and use this water to wash hair. You can also make beneficial hair oil by boiling the plant leaves in sesame oil. The plant extracts can not only treat the dandruff problem but can also make the hair root stronger.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Tamil maruthuvam for asthma treatments in home remedy

This is Tamil maruthuvam for asthma home remedy. Asthma is a respiratory problem that affects the lungs and causes breathing problem. It can be acute or chronic also. The condition occurs when the air flow towards the lung is blocked.  It can cause due to allergies, infections, weather conditions etc. Here are some simple home remedies to overcome the problem.

Tamil asthma treatment using ginger: Ginger is well known remedy for any type of respiratory problem. It is also an effective treatment for the patients of asthma. The consumption of ginger can reduce the inflammation and remove the blockage to the air flow to the lungs. Mix ginger juice with pomegranate juice in equal quantity and add spoonful of honey in it. Consume the mixture thrice a day. You can also add crushed ginger in water and boil it. Drink this water twice a day for comfort from asthma. You can also try chewing ginger pieces along with salt for quick results.

One of the best Tamil medicine for asthma is home remedy treatments. Massaging chest and back of asthma patient with mustard oil can give instant relief to the patients of asthma. Heat some mustard oil by adding a piece of camphor in it. Use this warm oil for gentle massage many times in a day.

Asthma cure in Tamil using Fig fruit: Figs are considered to be very good remedy for asthma patients. It can reduce the phlegm and lessen the breathing problems effectively. Soak clean dry figs in water for overnight. Morning eat the figs and drink the water on empty stomach. Follow this treatment for few months.

Asthma home remedies in ancient Tamil home treatment: Garlic is a very good remedy to reduce congestion in lungs effectively. Boil two three garlic cloves in half cup of milk and consume it after cooling. Continue this remedy for few months for better results.

Best siddha medicine for asthma in tamil : Pure eucalyptus oil is rich in decongestant properties and thus it is suggested remedy for curing the problem of asthma. Sprinkle few drops of eucalyptus oil on your handkerchief or paper towel before going to bed and keep it near your head. You can also take a steam by adding few drops of oil in hot water.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tamil maruthuvam for weight gain

This is tamil maruthuvam for weight gain. Body weight mainly depends on their food habits or heredity or body metabolism. Here are some Tamil tips for weight gain which will help you gain weight very fast. Taking high calorie food items is the first step in increasing your body weight. Some of the recommended foods to gain weight are milk food such as butter, thick milk, thick curd, ghee, potato, friend food items, bread, fried chicken, fried fish etc.  The very important change you should do in your food habit is taking food often as per your interest. Have your favorite food often.

Tamil medicine for weight gain suggests you to take healthy food to increase body weight.  Biscuits made with whole grain are very good. Eating south Indian meals (rice with sambar, rice with rasam and rice with thick curd) regularly can increase your weight.

Health tips in Tamil weight gain: Milk foods are always suggested by doctors for healthy weight gain. Milk products are rich in protein and calcium which will help in the growth of bones and muscles.

Body weight gain tips in Tamil: regularly do some moderate exercises; some times I have seen that commercially available health drinks can also increase your weight.