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Nattu maruthuvam for hair growth in Tamil treatment

This is nattu maruthuvam for hair growth in Tamil treatment. Everyone wishes to have long and beautiful hair but hair fall and hair thi...

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tamil Parampariya Maruthuvam Treatment

This is Tamil parampariya maruthuvam treatment and Indian traditional medicine to cure various diseases.  

Tamil paarambariya maruthuvam tips

Tamil  maruthuvam for diabetes
Eat few fresh curry leaves every morning on empty stomach. Continue this remedy  for few months. Curry leaves can not only control blood sugar level but also reduces cholesterol level and reduce weight effectively.

Okra or lady’s fingers can work best on controlling diabetes. In a glass of water, vertically cut and dip 3-4 lady’s fingers and leave it for overnight. Morning remove the vegetable from the water and drink the water on empty stomach. This remedy can show effective reduction in blood sugar level within few months

Tamil maruthuvam tips for pregnancy
This is Tamil  maruthuvam for Infertility treatment. Pumpkin seeds are loaded with fatty acid and zinc. These properties can be effective in improvement of sperm counts in male infertility problem. Garlic is one the best and easiest home remedies to treat male infertility. Chew 4-5 raw garlic pods daily to treat the problem.

Tamil maruthuvam for Cough
Honey and ginger juice is the very effective home remedy to cure wet as well as dry cough. It can treat the irritation of throat also. Chew a clove to get instant relief from cough and sore throat. Chew fresh tulsi leaves or make a tea using tulsi leaves to cure cough quickly.

Tamil maruthuvam for Cold
Mix apple cider vinegar in warm water along with a spoonful of honey. Consume it to get rid of cold and cough effectively. Boil some tulsi leaves in water along with black pepper seeds. Cool it little bit and add honey in it. Sip when it is warm. This is one of the very effective remedies to treat cold.

Tamil maruthuvam for Hair growth
Hibiscus is one of the well known remedies for hair growth. The plant extracts should be applied on the scalp to support healthy hair growth. Make a paste of fresh curry leaves and apply it on the scalp. Anti-oxidant properties and other nutrients present in curry leaves can stimulate healthy hair growth within few months.

Tamil maruthuvam for Asthma
Crush ginger and boil it in water. Sip the water when it is warm. Repeat the therapy three to four times a day to control the attack of asthma. Ajwain seeds also work effectively in the treatment of asthma. Eat dry figs regularly to keep asthma under control.

Tamil maruthuvam for Arthritis
Anti inflammatory properties of turmeric can reduce the pain and inflammation in arthritis. Use a good amount of turmeric in your food intake to get the benefits. Omega –3 fatty acid present in flax seeds can build immunity and reduce the inflammation of arthritis.

Tamil maruthuvam for Back pain
Add grated ginger in water and boil it properly for 10 to 15 minutes. Consume this water to get rid of back pain. The anti inflammatory properties of ginger help to reduce the pain effectively. Boil few tulsi leaves in water till the water is reduced into half. After bringing it to room temperature add a pinch of salt in it. Consume this water to get relief in back pain.

Tamil maruthuvam for Dandruff
If you are suffering from dandruff problem then apply fresh aloe Vera juice on the scalp to get rid of dandruff.Another home remedy for dandruff is applying fresh curd on scalp and washing it off after 20 minutes.

Tamil maruthuvam for Fever
The easiest remedy to reduce fever is to take bath with lukewarm water. It can reduce the body temperature quickly. Dry ginger can prove effective to reduce body temperature in fever.

Tamil maruthuvam for Fairness
Turmeric powder along with fresh cream is a best remedy to get fairer skin tone within few days. Apply a mixture of tomato juice, lemon juice and carrot juice on skin to bring an extra glow and fairness on the skin.

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